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Re: [BUILD] **Complete FroYo Bundle** FRX07!!

Originally Posted by janusman View Post

rebooted again. 3G is working. Am able to call and receive calls. Market is working fine.

Only issue is -while calling - it hangs up for sometime.. after a few tries - it works..

has overclocking worked for anyone so far??? I feel the phone s a little sluggish.

Volume on speaker while on call is too low..any tips??
The overclocking seemed to work on FRX06, but on this one I tried it and it seemed to work, but then it would not boot. I may have the setting too high, but with OCing you really do not get a big jolt of increased performance.

This was the startup file I tried:

set ramsize 0x10000000
set ramaddr 0x10000000
set mtype 2292
set KERNEL zImage
set INITRD_OFFSET 0x608000
set initrd initrd.gz
set cmdline "lcd.density=240 msmts_calib=0x9f.0x39a.0x35c.0x78 clock_7x00.grp=0xa99 hw3d.force=1 msmvkeyb_toggle=off pmem.extra=1 rel_path=FRX07 north_am_dialing=1 force_cdma=1 board-htcrhodium.is_cdma=1 gsensor_axis=2,1,3 pm.sleep_mode=1 acpuclock.oc_freq_khz=748800 physkeyboard=rhod400" 
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