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Re: Is there any way to use WM programs on the WP7

To the first question. No, someone would have to make some sort of emulator which will not happen. The medical application should be available after the official mango is released. There will be lots more WP7 applications when it becomes more mainstream. Which IMO can't be before mango comes out.

To your question about WP7 being redesigned, from my experience with WM6.5, it was always slower then most phones that I used, it lagged and was unstable requiring more restarts that I wanted to deal with. From my WP7 experience, their goal is stability and speed which they have greatly succeeded on accomplishing.

Originally Posted by DavidinCT View Post
If your a Windows Mobile guy like I have been for many years (and it appers you have), You'll love WP7... Give it a fair shot, I don't think you will be disapointed.
Enjoy !
I always thought that most Windows 6.5 users on this site would enjoy android. What windows 6.5 had going for it was it's ability to be customized which I think that android dominates. As for speed, dependability and insanely quick boot times, WP7 can't be beat IMO. I do agree that he will not be disappointed though.

I honestly hated the whole Windows Phone 7 thing before giving it a try. After my TP2 broke I went if for a replacement and while waiting I saw an arrive. Played with it for a few minutes and loved how quick it was, how useful the search was and how it just worked. I then found out about the Sero Premium plan then I was sold. I would have gotten an epic 4g long ago but the loss of my sero plan kept me with the TP2. I'm happy that I waited.

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