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Re: Time to ante up on Sprint 4G

Originally Posted by lkillen View Post
You are just down the street!!
You know another thing? That unlimited data is only for 4G data!!!! I was snooping around through my plan one day and noticed the fine print. I don't know what the data cap is on 3G ir if it is even published but I distinctly remember seeing the words, "Unlimited 4G Data". Now, if ALL data was not unlimited, why specify 4G. That concerned me because I stream talk radio all day. Even when on teh Harley. I make it a point to switch to WiFi just in case. I don't want to get some freaky $42,000 bill because I left my phone streaming for a month.
before I did the OTA with tethering I racked up an average of 9gb a month with no issues on 3g.
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