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Re: Time to ante up on Sprint 4G

I haven't posted in a while but I had to log in and reply to this post. I have to admit that, like the OP, I had high hopes for 4g. Now I don't even turn it on anymore. Whenever I turn it on, it doesn't seem to work any faster than the 3G (which is also very slow compared to other carriers) AND it drains my battery in a couple hours. It's too bad but I think sprint made a really bad investment with Wimax on this frequency. They should have waited until they turned off the IDEN network and used that spectrum for 4G. I'm afraid the current offering is never going to amount to more than a gimmick.

That said, I've got almost 10 years with Sprint and two SERO Premium plans. I'm probably going to stick with Sprint and continue using WIFI as much as possible for the foreseeable future. Sure wish we had real 4G though.
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