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I remember where I used to work we were a VZW partner and their reps came in when they were launching their LTE network and of the info they laid down on us, the one that no one seemed to latch on to (which i found most interesting and better than WiMax) was when they explained that the best thing about LTE was that it has a no-interruption handoff back to 3G. As in if you were doing something on LTE like streaming and you leave LTE coverage, the network would do a soft handoff back to 3G without any interruption in the data.

I didn't think much of it then until I rememberd how abysmal my experience was with WiMax where I go a few blocks in my neighbourhood, lose WiMax, get disconnected from whatever I was doing and then wait eons for either 3G to pick up again or for 4G to reconnect from Zzzzing.

Oddly enough, I observe that 4G USB WiMax modems (I tested Clear service for a while as well, also sold them too) seem to reconnect faster to a lost 4G signal than phones.

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