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Re: Time to ante up on Sprint 4G

Originally Posted by DaveTN View Post
Part of the problem is CDMA's inability to penetrate buildings effectively, which is why you can go to your window and get a fair signal but not inside your house. I've had issues with it for many years.
Interesting thing about my house is that its wood frame construction with brick and hardboard siding. However, under the siding is 1" thick foam panels with foil backing on them.
I get almost NO signal inside my house unless I stand in front of a window and I can get a margianl signal. Outside, I'm at full signal and even get 4G on my EVO. Step back inside and its gone. This is one of the reasons sprint has provided me with an airave and now and Airvana - which does 3G but not 4. With the Airvana on, I get great phone and data (no 4G) but if I switch it off, the signal is gone.
The interesting thing is, I can stand on my deck in my back yard and see a tower that according to the many available tower maps, is a Sprint tower. There are others that are all close to me as well.
Sorry to go on and on...
The end result is - and I was told this in other threads in the past - is that CDMA really can't penetrate buildings well and GSM can. I guess thats why when my kids have friends over, they get perfect reception in my house with their GSM phones.

Yea, I have an Airave in my house too. works better then airvana imo.
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