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Re: Phantom Skinz

I tried posting this earlier on my EVO but it didn't go through - forgive me if I get a double-posting.

I just the Phantom Skinz carbon fiber for the EVO 3D. I am pleased with it. The screen protectors that came with it are good too, they're very pliable and I got it on there with very few bubbles under the protector - I'm getting better at these things!

As for the carbon fiber skin, it goes on really easy. Of course, it's not so crucial to get all air bubbles out with these things, just the really glaringly obvious ones are noticeable. Only the corners are a little hokey because they're made of up one piece that wraps around the bottom of the corner and one rounded piece that goes over the top - the rounded piece kind of bubbles up due to the stiffness of the skin.

Edit: After playing with a hairdryer with the back cover off the phone, the rounded corners shrank just enough to stay put. It's a really good skin now. I'm just a little scare to take a heater to the piece that goes over the earpiece on the top of the phone. That piece rides up and makes a scratchy hard-edge just above the earpiece.

I also bought a hard skin from another company, which I really liked at first, but I think I'll try the Phantom Skinz only for a couple of days and see if I like it because the hard case adds a lot of bulk to an already huge fone. Also, with the new skin on the fone, the hard case snaps on reeeeeeeeally tight.

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