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Re: LG G2X Keeps Restarting after Turning On.

Originally Posted by eric12341 View Post
ill start with this, did you apply for an insurance plan when u activated the phone? I know tmobile has that plan for $5 vs $7 with sprint and if it's anything like sprints they have to replace the device with a refurb or comparable model. if u don't have the insurance plan I say they are just going by the general procedure and is in their right for doing so. however if u do have insurance and they're still dogging u around like that then u may have a claim but really all u can do is just goto the manufacturer.
No, I didn't get the insurance because I'm not using T-mobile's service, otherwise I would have gotten the phone considerably cheaper. Well thanks for the help anyway, I guess my only option is to send it to LG and wait
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