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LG G2X Keeps Restarting after Turning On.

Hey guys. I understand that this phone is not listed on the site yet but I was hoping someone can help me out. Basically I've purchased the phone outright for a little over $500. I have only had the phone 3 weeks and one morning when I turned it on, the LG symbol pops up like normal then shows a moving bar underneath it to show that it's working. Usually after this point, the android guy pops up and it does the T-mobile sound, but unfortunately it restarts and goes through the same steps over and over and over until I remove the battery to stop it.

I brought it back to the T-mobile store and they thought it might be a software update but that didn't work. Now since it's past the 14 day T-mobile return policy, they said they cant do anything except call LG. LG is honoring their 1 year manufacturers warranty, but I am not liking the fact that they will either send me it back repaired or send me a refurbished one. If I wanted a refurbished one, I would have bought one off EBAY for half price. I paid $550 for a "Brand New" one, not a used one. Despite what they say, a refurbished one is not brand new because if that were the case, they would sell refurbished ones for full price.

Well, I argued my point and they will not budge so I'm thinking my only option is to send it in and wait without a phone. What do you guys think, do I have any other options here like fixing it myself or what. I was thinking small claims court, but IDK if I'd win.
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