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Re: Want WP7 Mango today ?

Originally Posted by esqueue View Post
Seriously? So I am wrong for trying out the beta and returning back? With full bars and data working on my brother's tp2 and on my phone before and after the Mango update means that it isn't my data. Who the hell are you to tell me what I should or shouldn't do with my phone? I also do have a right to post what my issues were any why I reverted back to NoDo. If it pisses you off then that is your problem, not mine.

My post clearly stated that "If I browse and search from the browser, it works there." this also means that it isn't a data issue. I also forgot to mention that using the button that searches for restaurants and the bar code scanner works. It is clearly a problem of it being a beta. I'd suggest that you guys not get so butt hurt over someone's personal decision that affects you guys in no way?

It seems that I've pissed off some because I am not reporting that this beta is 100% functional. See how stupid that sounds? This will be my last post. I don't want to ruin this thread any further.

It's cool. If this was a real beta where I could actually do some good and report my issue for MS I would go that route. I'll wait till microsoft deems it phone worthy.
@esqueue it is more than phone worthy and I've had no problems with search at all even when not in the browser. I do see that there are issues with the twitter and LinkedIn. smart DJ also seems incomplete in some areas but it isn't cause to have to revert back.