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Re: Want WP7 Mango today ?

Originally Posted by GoodThings2Life View Post
Personally, I have yet to find something in the Mango release that simply "doesn't work." Quite the opposite, in fact-- for a beta, I'm remarkably impressed at how fast and stable it is.

Now for the search, that IS a beta feature and I would point out that just like Android's voice capabilities it is HIGHLY dependent on your data connection, so if you're in a low-coverage area, yeah... might be buggy. But if that one feature in a BETA is a deal-breaker for you, I would say YES, you should revert back to NoDo, and in fact you shouldn't be messing with betas at all. Ever. I don't want to be a jerk, but if you're that sensitive about the matter why would you ignore all the "use at your own risk" disclaimers in the first place? Heck, I use my phone for work in an IT setting, so I'm right there with you, BUT, being a sys admin I am techy enough to deal with the bugs (to which I say again have been unnoticable in my experience), so I took the chance on it (keeping my NoDo restore point and my EVO handy at all times).

As for the ringtones, I forget if it was an earlier post in this thread or in the Arrive forum thread, but I agreed it was incredibly irritating means of assigning ringtones, but I fully anticipate custom apps being developed to simplify the process. The Windows Phone team blogged about the matter and promised that it would get easier, for what it's worth.
thanks for better clarifying the situation but still some people just dont get it. maybe his data connection was bad or something for me it works better than it did in NoDo even on my shitty data connection lately.