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Re: Tell us Your Thoughts!

At first i didn't like it due to it looking like the EVO. Mentally for most people at least, people want a whole new design to make it look like another phone. EVO is great but they should of designed it like the sensation just to make most folks happy. The screen is pretty but not as great as the epic's. At least text is crisp and clear and easy to read.
My 3g/4g signals were absolutly horrible last weekend which might of been a sprint tower problem.

I do love the slightly thinner design, the aluminum camera button, aluminum body and overall feel of the phone.
Green hornet movie look amazing on the 3d Screen.
Sense is good but i still love Go launcher EX.

Which i could use sense widgets with other launchers.

QUestions though on some battery saving tips.
How do i set the time out for the hardware button leds ?
How do i decrease the vibration intensity of the hardware button ?

This phone has met my expectation and i would recommend this phone.
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