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Originally Posted by tsbrewers View Post
How does it compare (in size) to the Otterbox defender case? I like the Defender, but it makes the phone pretty big, and I don't like the holster. I prefer the way the Ballistic one works.

With the Ballistic, there are 2 choices: outer skin on? Or off? With the outer skin on the phone was huge but protected with the "Five layers" and it came in handy. But sometimes it was too huge so I ended up taking off the outer skin. Both levels fitted into the holster fairly easily too. With the Defender, there was only one option, you had to have the whole thing on the phone, outer layer and all. Ballistic's fourth layer was good enough for me while I was working and having the skin to put on after work makes a big difference in size. Plus it looked better! The red on the Ballistic was sweet when you took off the outer skin. I know the outer layer on the EVO Defender had to stay on or it would look ugly. Either way it went, the Ballistic both with and without the extra layer, still lived up to expectation. My Defender was toast after my son figured out how to remove the tabs, just pulled them up and bit them off. All he could do with the Ballistic was take the outer layer off. Plus the polymer doesn't collect the lint like the rubber outer layer does thus it doesn't look as nasty after a week of use.

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