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Re: HTC EVO 3D Ballistic HC case

Originally Posted by aj48198 View Post
I know this thread is old however.....I had the Ballistic HC (red) for my EVO. It was THE best case that I've ever bought and I will risk breaking it before I put it in an Otterbox again (my 2 year old completely destroyed the defender case...and my phone in the process!!) Thank god for TEP!! I just upgraded to the 3D from the EVO today and while in the Sprint store the rep tried to get me into an Otterbox Defender. I noticed he had the Defender on his EVO and he was downplaying my Ballistic (mostly because he never heard of it), so I issued a challenge: I told him that I would buy 2 right now IF....he would go outside and just toss his EVO onto the ground, didn't have to be a high toss, but a genuine under handed toss. Needless to say he didn't do it. Even tho my EVO was in mint condition, the lady that looked at it prior to giving me my $150 credit on the trade in told me that if I was to scratch it at all I would lose the credit. I packed it back into the Ballistic, took the rep outside and frisbee'd my phone about 10 yards. Not a scratch on the phone whatsoever. If the Ballistic HC can withstand: A 2 year old launching it out of a moving Truck into a tree going 45mph AND it being able to stay on top of a moving SUV on the highway at 55MPH (sat it there while loading a carseat, forgot to take it off) I will definitely wait til August to get mine!! I bought the case due to my hyper son, but I kept the case due to the ruggedness of it. I will warn you tho, once its put together, this thing is HUGE but your phone is safe and ready for what ever life throws at it!!
That's an awesome review, and it has me thinking of making the switch from my defender to a ballistic case (and giving my defender to my wife). but I definately had to have something in the mean time, so we shall see.
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