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Re: Tell us Your Thoughts!

Well now that the Novelty has wore off I can Honestly say what I have found, "ONLY DEALING WITH MY PHONES"(yes Phones). First phone Problem with screen overlay(dead spots, squeeze sides(not hard) n screen has lines across it), second was dead b4 i left the store(powered on n when it rebooted it was dead, tech was confused) third and all these also relate to first phone also, 1)HDMI/charge port does not recharge battery while using it to watch tv, movies, video. 2)Icons on the screen go to default when app is moved to SD card, 3)1Gig of internal as opposed to 4Gig advertised, 4)Clock function-touch clock use to go into desk clock, also the dim feature in the desk clock doesn't show clock screen saver. 5)Reboot feature just powers off(although It has worked only once 4 me) 6) powering on phone is a hit or miss function ( had to take battery out, put back in, then press button, and wa-la, screen comes on), 7)Degraded signal and dropped call-(I am in ROAM standing where my EVO 4G has 1bar, i hold them in front of me and turn 180 n now both have 2 bars n no roam) Speaker Quality and volume level is way below the EVO(audio range is below the EVO4G by 2db and cant hit the high ultra notes('kids only ringtone' works on headphone but not my speaker)- SO FAR...
3 updates already n nothing to tell me what the updates do. Think HTC is taking a cue from Microsoft "let the public test ur product for free n issue updates" Don't get me wrong I like HTC n there products but for $549 b4 discounts(I still paid $250) U should get a better product than the old model. I Have 30days, think Im returning it on the 28th day.

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