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Re: HTC Arrive.. disassembly

Sweet hell. I saw the OP and wondered for a second if I blacked out and created a new thread or something.

The exact same thing happened to me - I goofed on the protector application, moisture got under the screen, attempted a disassembly. I got you beat though, because I'm the idiot who went in from the wrong side.

I didn't go the route of installing a new screen either - I was hoping to separate some film somewhere and dry out visible moisture spots. I got it separated from the body, but I never got the screen itself disassembled. Anyway, I have permanent drying spots on my brand new HTC Arrive screen, and I think generally it's not as bright as when I first got it. My gf tells me I'm an @$$, but what else is new?

Thanks for taking the pics. I just have a simple text file with the order/location of the screws. Nice work. Misery loves company.