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Re: Samsung Charge... Good, Ok, Or Bad Phone?

The phone itself is great. With 4G it's awesome. What I hate is Verizon's bloatware and expecting you to subscribe to their inferior apps. You can ignore them and use what you want but you can't delete them. Both the desktop and mobile charging docks have a user intertface that's not changeable and contain apps that I'd like to replace.

I've been away from these forums for a year since I trashed my HTC Touch Pro and I've got some catching up to do. Hopefully somebody here can point me in the right direction to further customize the phone the way I want it.

I'm not sure if it's the android OS, the hardware or what but, they gave me a 32gig sd card with the phone and you can only store media on it. I was able to place some office files on it (with a usb connection) but the file management won't let me address them.

If you're planning to use it for heavy duty business apps you might want to wait for the newest MS Windows phones. The open-source ThinkFree Office program lets you open and edit MS files but I found it painful to work with on the Samsung Charge. Maybe I've got alot to learn (or un-learn).

My summary: Samsung has created a great piece of hardware. The Android OS has a lot of maturing to do. Maybe someday it'll be great but not today.

The love/hate relationship people have with Verizon may never change. Their network is fast and almost everywhere. They always want to rebrand core functions to sell subsciptions to their pitiful apps. You've heard the expression: "There's an App for that", well at Verizon "There's a fee for that". I just had a horrible thought, what if Verizon and M$ merged? I'm gonna have nightmares now.
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