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Re: Sprint 4G v. Verizon LTE

My home internet is Clear, which is the same speed as Sprint (WiMax), so WiFi really does nothing for me. I had a separate laptop Clear card, to keep family bandwith from being split when watching different stations in different rooms, but when I got my EVO, no sense in paying the extra $30, when my phone does the same thing. I tether to my laptop, stream HD. Amazon on Demand works well, but Hulu sometimes hangs (buffer) when I stream HD.

So far, WiMax has been fine, but when I had 256kps with DSL, that was smoking fast for a period of time. Needs tend to follow the available speeds. When 4G came out, it was great-eliminated the need to have a home network. Now, DSL networks are at 25-40Mbps -- you can't tell me that developers won't make use of this speed. Then running 4G (or 3G) will be like dial up.
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