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Re: HTC Arrive.. disassembly

Hey folks, thanks for all the great comments! Yup, the phone works great post-surgery and works like a brand new phone.

It's definitely not something I would recommend people do if they have other options on getting their phone fixed or replaced. Use your warranty if you have it, or insurance. Unfortunately I had neither so I had to roll my sleeves up.

The chassis snaps together along the edges and then screws just reinforce the hold. To get to the guts layer, it's really just a matter of unscrewing and gently unsnapping the layers of the case. I don't have a 32GB SD card otherwise I would have tested what would happen if I upgraded the memory.

RE: The Screen

Like I mentioned in the post I made before, I strongly don't recommend going inside the LCD/touch screen half of the phone if at all possible. There is a lot of adhesive that holds those parts together and a tight seal around the LCD underneath the front plastic cover that will let dust creep in under the screen if broken. That's why instead of buying a new LCD screen, I just replaced that whole half of the phone.
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