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Re: |ROM|`..- Energy -.. * |May 14| 21916|29020 * Sense 2021 + flavors

Originally Posted by unL33T View Post
I removed the Mail and SMS tabs from the homescreen. Is there a way to make it so that when I click on the SMS or Mail buttons on the homescreen it opens Outlook instead of either opening those tabs (if they are enabled) or doing nothing at all (if they are [COLOR=blue ! important][COLOR=blue ! important]disabled[/COLOR][/COLOR]).

I found this on PPCgeeks awhile back. Also works great for people who just want to "remap" the notification icons to the standard messaging application.

Go to reg key:

For the Name Value:

Change the Value to:
\Windows\tmail.exe -service "SMS"

^^^That's for your SMS text messaging.^^^^

For your email, it's kinda similar.
Go to reg key:

For the Name Value:

Change the Value to:
\Windows\tmail.exe -service "Outlook"

Instead of "Outlook", you can simply put in your default email service how it's named when you set it up initially. So if you have "Gmailxxxxx" and "Gmailyyyyy" you would substitute whichever one is your more "default" email account where you put "Outlook."

Restart Sense to have the change take affect.

Also, have the quotes and spaces exactly like how they are in bold above.

As always, back up your registry before you go playing around in there...

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