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Re: Dream Phone II, 100% Transparent, Final ROM, How to get 150 MB of RAM

Originally Posted by teradog View Post
This is exactly what I have, you must have:
1. nothing in your \windows\startup dir
2. Using a startmenu replacement (guessing either panel or compact (same as quickmenu)
Please confirm.
Re. pp of 8: Please reread my 1st post where I talk about page pools, yes... you should get roughly 140 MB of RAM to start..
Sorry for the late reply...was out of town.
The only things in my startup are intercept.exe which seems to be a file in Windows and wktask which I have recently added and love for keeping apps closed. I am using Panel. Yes, it seems that Windows keeps holding on to some RAM as time goes by. I am currently looking at 75 available with nothing running! I might change to PP 8 or 10. Thanks for all your great advice!!!
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