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Re: ★SharkieROM★6/4/11-Updated★Version 5.1★Generic\Sprint★29020\21916★Sense2021

I accidentally hit the multimedia icon on home - and then the player loaded up
I didn't know how to close it, and there was something to the left that I hit and then I suppose this launching sense came up.

I tried rebooting / took the battery out - but no home screen, just as it was described in previous post - at the bottom is just calendar and contacts. Top shows the windows icon which I can click and goes to all the "start >" options and the clock, 3g(EV) and antenna strength are all showing. In the middle is just "HTC, and below that - launching sense".

And I am not sure if I noticed sense loading up right after flash.

It's been almost 3-4 minutes since the phone has been on - before the Home screen would show (after installing sharkierom) within a minute or less.

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