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Re: ★SharkieROM★6/4/11-Updated★Version 5.1★Generic\Sprint★29020\21916★Sense2021

Okay cool Sharkie - I was kind of nervous, because it didn't look like activesync was active anymore and the LED that shows (amber) when connected disappears -

I am running the Romupdateutilities as we speak -

edit 1 : *Task29 complete - did exactly as described
edit 2 : *Sharkie ROM - 100% complete

now the process as to what's happening :
I see the shark splash > touch pro 2 (a few minutes) > amber light just turned on (30 seconds~) > ok htc splash (fast) > bigger sharkierom splash - active sync just connected > now updating progress bar > progress bar completed 1x > now new progress bar is starting > I turned my head for a minute and I believe a 3rd progress bar is loading (not sure if this was #2 or #3) > next progress bar loading > okay rebooted > disconnected active sync > windows phone splash > sharkie splash > active sync active > start menu active

Cool! I will give you my opinions and thoughts in a day Sharkie - thanks so much for your patience with my inquiries - I have owned this TP2 with Sprint Stock ROM for exactly 1 year so I will be comparing your ROM to how it has been in the past.

Okay and got the sprint cabs updating - see profile and prl in settings > system menu. both updates successfully worked.

Also * Airvana (Sprint's antenna-broadband signal booster) is working for both phone and 3g. Cool.

1st impression - have to get use to what sounds are what

2nd question - on ring tones - all the standard ring tones are gone huh?

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