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Re: ★SharkieROM★6/4/11-Updated★Version 5.1★Generic\Sprint★29020\21916★Sense2021

Sharkie - thanks for the additional answers. I just did the hard HSPL (I guess it worked - since it went from black screen back to the main phone screen).

About to attempt the next 2 steps -

So I have 2 folders extracted - one for Task29 and one for Sharkie ROM.

There seems to be 3 executable (exe) files in both directories.
Enterbootloader.exe / RUUGetinfo.exe / Rapidtool

> just click on enterbootloader? and follow steps and hold volume down while nearing 100% as described before in the post?

Do I have to rename any files from the Sharkie folder? and Do I have to put this .nbh file into the Task29 folder too? It seems many of the other files are the same thing.

Sorry for the newbie questions, but hopefully they will be helpful for others who haven't done this before - there's a lot of information overlapping from so many posts and it's somewhat overwhelming to sift through...
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