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Re: ★SharkieROM★6/4/11-Updated★Version 5.1★Generic\Sprint★29020\21916★Sense2021

Originally Posted by vancomycin View Post
Hi Sharkie (or other ROM users) - your ROM OS looks interesting and I am willing to try it out. This will be my first attempt at flashing and using any type of ROM so I just had a few quick questions to keep in mind. Thank you, and please get back to this when convenient.

1. I am running a stock sprint 6.5 Touch Pro2 - I went to settings > about > OS Version : WM 6.5 Professional, CE OS 5.2.21889(21889.5.87). This is version 6.5 and NOT 6.5.x right? Correct

1a. Apart from personal information, do I need to collect any more information (i.e. radio/serial #) etc? No

From what I initially understand, I will be running Task29 1st and then proceed to using your 5.1 build Sprint 6.5 correct? I will be putting those on my SD card or whatever the instructions specifically state.

2. I do use Sprint Navigation service. I understand that the cabs are there to install after installing your 5.1 rom right? If you flash the Sprint 5.1 it is included

3. I couldn't find a bug list/or functions that are not working anymore compared to the Stock ROM - can you provide a link to that? Everything should work
Does GSM work if I go internationally and put a intl' SIM card? Should be fine

4. Will I still be able to update PRLs within my designated areas? Will profile updates work and are they necessary? Once you provision, update PRL and Profile will show up in settings/other

4a. I am using the Sprint airvana at home - this should still work hopefully. should be fine

5. I'm a medical student and I have some paid applications (skyscape/epocrates) that were made for WM6.5 - for the most part, I hope they work

6. In case of #5 not happening, can I revert back somehow to my original stock WM6.5? You can always flash back to stock Sprint ROM

7. I won't be needing any of the new icons/aesthetics for the phone - so besides that, do I need to add anything else to your 5.1 ROM and Task29 link? If you haven't already done it, you have to unlock your phone HERE first. Coming from a stock ROM you shouldn't need to task 29, but it doesn't hurt. When task 29 is approaching 100% hold down the volume down ... when it restarts it will be in bootloader and ready to flash new ROM, otherwise you will have to remove battery and hold vol down and then push power button to get to bootloader.

Thank you again for letting me know. My main concern was not being able to follow updates so frequently - will be switching to an adroid based phone this summer because of the lack of medical software support to WM. Eventually I just plan to use my TP2 as a pda/wifi device.
Answers in bold above... one other thing, make sure to do a sync of contacts/appointment before anything else!

Edit: to slow again, Sharkie beat me to it

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