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Re: [DEV] Sense Port to All Galaxy S Devices

Hey Dev's hope you guys read this.

There is a huge bounty on alot of foruns for Dev's to work on porting HTC's Sense UI for the GALAXY S Devices. Ive Have a funtional version of Sense UI on my captivate. The only thing that i see is wrong with it is that there is No Data, some orientation issues, no Camera and Unstableness.

Sinse those people would want to donate Hope this infor will help you guys. I will post Info on how I got it to work.

1: Must be running rooted froyo with clockwork
2: Install and flash cm7-galaxys-initial-kernel.tar with odin from here: [ROM] MIUI 2.3.4 for Galaxy S - v1.6.3 [MCGv5.3 - Based On Official - IRC] - xda-developers
3: Then go to Recovery and pick mounts & storage and format system, data, cache.
Then flash GalaxySense[ROM] (0.4) from here: [02/06][ROM/Port][GalaxySense][Beta 0.5][Sense 2.1 + 3.0 addons][Android 2.3.3] - xda-developers
4: Give the phone about 5-10 minutes to boot

[Captivate Only]
5: Go into recovery and flash this kernel [Kernel] UNSUPPORTED Reoriented Sense Kernel Alpha 2 *works on Alpha 4* - xda-developers

That's all it took. In using a Captivate so i hope all GalaxyS Phones Get the same results.

Appreciation goes to:

Kenia1234...............................Galaxy ROM
Team Cyanogen & MAMBO04.....efs-backup & Kernel
TheEscapist.............................Sense Kernel for Captivate

[I take no responsibility for the damages you do to your device nor do i take credit for the appreciated peoples work]

Note: Please Spread The Word!!!

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