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Re: [NonSense]WhiteStone.eXperience WP7 Menu style~~ June/2nd/2011...RC 1

Originally Posted by boycuteo View Post
Please give me a comment, i need your feedback to improve this project (: now working for titanium WP7 Style and modified Sense ....

Hope you like it

Sorry for my bad English
I liked the performance and life battery.
Problems I found was on QuickGPS. (seems like is a shortcut error)

I found kind of hard to distinguish the shortcuts, they are all black and white.
When you start installing programs the new shortcuts/icons are in color. It makes it look uneven.

I think is missing essential programs like Google Maps.

It would be nice if you developed the newest WM version. and moved the start menu back to the top/left corner, so we can use SPB shell.
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