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Re: NAND Boot Testing - 04-06: FRX06 on NAND (Testing FRX06 now!)

Originally Posted by [ACL] View Post
you mean it just freezez ? you cant select anything ? hmm..

unless there is different versions of rhod400.. i dunno what it could be. i'll redo everything from scratch again.

edit: ok did everything from scrath. works flawlessly. i was even able to restore my backup and not lose anything.

This is what im typing on fastboot fyi

root@abel-desktop:/media/FS2/xdandroid/nand# ./fastboot flash recovery recovery.img 
sending 'recovery' (4178 KB)... OKAY
writing 'recovery'... OKAY
root@abel-desktop:/media/FS2/xdandroid/nand# ./fastboot reboot
Once it reboots im able to get to recovery and apply the updates.
No, not freeze, can not enter second level menu, first level menu can not execute too, your recovery.img file is 4178 KB? me is 4032KB, OK, you update the file on server ,I do test again now.
Can you give me your nbh file's md5sum?

Edit: Now boot into recovery, but there is error message, "E:Bad boot message", can not do any menu operation.
Edit2: OK now, need to use end call button to enter menu, not power button. now I boot into android. Doing test now.

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