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Re: Eligible for an upgrade and...

I have also had upgrade eligibility for at least 6 months on VZW now and I'm about ready to make my decision. I'm either going to go with the Thunderbolt or the Charge. I really want the Thunderbolt but battery life is a huge issue. Eventually I will root the phone but don't want to have to root just for it to work decently and in reading up in the Thunderbolt forums you have to do so in order to get more than 3-6 hours of battery life. I can get a decent deal price-wise with the Thunderbolt but if that can be matched with the Charge I would go for it.

I kinda want to stick with HTC, my last 2 smartphones were both HTC but at the same time I will be doing alot of video watching and what not so it may be advantageous to go with the Charge and its super AMOLED screen and 1650mah battery. It's a damn shame that HTC put such a weak standard battery in that phone, that would have been the clencher for me. I'm sure there will be 3rd party batteries to choose from but from past experience they don't perform well in the long run.

Now, when Samsung decides to put out their Galaxy S2 devices for the US carriers that will be a phone to reckon with!
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