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Re: EVO3D and Sense UI 3.0

Originally Posted by sprinttouch666 View Post
Yes, i saw this a long time ago. But this says nothing about the release date of 2.4! which is what i was responding to. There was not leak of the release date of 2.4!!! We wait for the official announcement when the info has not been leaked!

and btw your link is bogus. if it was running some super early alpha version of 2.4, it was nowhere near what 2.4 will be. and the Arc will launch with 2.3!!!!! geeks find the scoops, then question their validity!
So the link is bogus, like all the site that have pics (evidence) are bogus now!? And if if was a running that version, Google could easily rename it and the fact that Google never said they were wrong! But your the genius, and I'm wrong!
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