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Re: Sprint Corporate calls me about my FFC Complaint...

I have 4 lines with Sprint as well. We all have either a windows mobile or Android phone. We activated one of the android phones I believe the end of February although it was purchased sometime in January.. Well as I went to activate the rep indicated there would be an additional $10 premium data fee.. I informed her I was not told about added monthly $10 fee on 3g phones she went on and on about when the change took place. She explained " the premium data charge is for the use of a faster connection.. faster email.. and just over all premium data".. I told her "data is data.. there are different tiers of speed but you aren't offering a higher speed so where is this "premium" data coming in @? " She insisted the cahrge was not for the 4G I requested a supervisor who decdided since I purchased the phone prior to Jan 31 2010 that they would not add the $10 premium data cahrge and they haven't..

Now on my main line I have a Treo Pro, which has been having ongoing issues. It got to the point I couldn't get it to charge so I turned on my old Instinct.. The supervisor informed me any esn swap to a smart phone would incur that $10 premium data.. So I asked "If i want to reactivate my OLD Treo pro.. that has already been active on my account will that $10 still be added? " she replied "yes".. Now I got her.. I asked " how is sprint going to justify a $10 premium data charge on an old phone that data connection is the same it's still going to get the same slow email there's NOTHING premium about this phone.. So please explain that...: Again she opted to not charge the $10 "premium data" fee
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