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Re: Gten and all the EPIC 4g owners

Coming from a Windows Mobile 6.1 platform, Android was definitely the way to go. I made a HUGE mistake in buying a Windows iPhone 7 HTC Arrive and had to return it.

Is the epic all the it is hyped up to be?

How is the epic compared to TP2 is it that much better?
I can't comment as I upgraded from the HTC Mogul (PPC-6800) running Windows Mobile 6.1 not the Touch Pro 2. I would suspect that it would be a "YES" nevertheless.

Has anyone have problems with it that they had to return it atleast once?
No, not yet, but I've only owned the phone for almost a month.

Anyone that owned an epic did you return it and go to a different instead?
No, not me, but I did return the HTC Arrive running Windows iPhone 7. It was terrible!

Is there any problems with the phone like certain things that are not working?
Not so much problems of things not working, but if you are a super fast typer, you will notice that some of the keys on the keyboard do not register correctly so you will get texts or e-mails that are missing letters. That is my one complaint.

Do you recommend me buying this phone?
It depends on your choices. If it was between the Epic and the Arrive, I would recommend going with the Epic.

Should i wait better for another phone that is going to be released soon instead. if so which one?
I read where Sprint was releasing an Epic 2 phone this summer without slideout keyboard. If you don't need a keyboard, you could always wait for the Epic 2.

Anyone regreat buying this phone?
My only regret is that I did not buy this phone sooner! I wasted two weeks and a $35 restocking fee on purchasing the HTC Arrive and Windows iPhone 7 only because I am a Windows fanboy and wanted to take a chance on it....
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