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Re: |ROM|`..- Energy -.. * |Apr 23| 21916|29019 * Sense 2021 + flavors

Quote from Teradog:

OK, so I haven't been around much, .. but, what are you guys doing quoting a 13 month old 28008 sys ROM? A tad rusty but I believe that fix y'all are talk'n bout was a very very old fix to an old voice command for an old sys (Feb 2010)??? Actually 2009!

What about the one I have in the wiki under Voice?! In fact, I updated the link as I was one behind...
Microsoft_Voice_Command_v1.6.23563_color, from here


I was trying to install MSVC build 1.6.23568 on the build from the 23rd and it would not start nor would it install.

I was told that MSVC build 1.6.28008 worked and I asked for a cab to install it. All I found was a process where I had to install an earlier version and then patch it with 1.6.28008. That seemed to work but took about 7meg of space to accomplish according to the info when they both installed.

I was hoping that there was a single cab for MSVC that would work on the ROM from APR 23rd.


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