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Re: Sprint Corporate calls me about my FFC Complaint...

hello all,
saying that t-mobile and at&t merging would affect sprint is ridiculous! they are years away from being able to provide the bandwidth that sprint and verizon do at the present, and then they would also still have to expand the area they cover on top of that. example, i was in charge of the air-ops, helo-recon for the bp oil spill, i could keep high speed data service in a helo 15 miles offshore and at&t phones could not even make voice calls reliably from the beach. even if a person was siting on top of an at&t tower wearing your proverbial tin foil hat, you can not reliably receive high speed data service from t-mobile or at&t. businesses if nothing else, will keep the true cdma/pcs providers around for a long time, especially now, thanks to olipro, with a TP2 i can just about use any network there is in the US with a sprint account. all a sprint customer has to do is simply swap PRL's and/or put in a sim, if desperate, and we have access to almost all towers.

as for the $10 fee, when i got my first htc phone the guy told me about that, yada yada yada, well i went to grad school for cdma networking and on top of that when i was in college my roommate worked for sprint. so i started explaining to him howto activate my phone without having to "switch" to a different data plan that would require the $10 fee. after a couple of minutes he broke down and said ENOUGH, i know you dont have to change the actual plan/data service, but they make US!!! meaning sprint employees add the $10 on to your plan if THEY!!! activate the phone.

I have had the same sprint plan since 1998. for years when they quit letting you do online esn swaps i simply bought new phones and changed the esn's and never told sprint. but after they started allowing online esn swaps again, i simply login and add whatever phone i want to my account and still pay 1998 prices

all total for 3 smart phones (three lines) with all unlimited, after tax title license fees i pay $173 every 2 MONTHS! so about $85ish a month.

you just need to know how to work the sprint system

main point is, a rep flat out told me that the $10 is for nothing, just a rate change they try to force out of customers. so go online and swap phones and no need to be a victim of sprint


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