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Just in case...

I just want to share a problem I had when I updated my Hd7... I made the update and was all fine until I turn off the phone, when I tried to turn it on the Hd7 started normally with the HTC white screen but the keeps restarting over and over again, the after a while the phone says my media card was wrong and that I need to remove it or change it... I was scared, I was with the problem for one day serching over the web for a solution... until I saw the tutorial to upgrade the micro sd, but I didnt change it I just made the reset to factory settings with the volume buttons and the power button and... Voila! the phone started normally and my problem was solved, so after all my bla bla bla... If you have this problem just do the restore and you'll be fine.

Hope this works for someone...

Thank you.
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