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Re: Install WinMo on non-windows phones?

Originally Posted by money711 View Post
ok I have a question regarding this same subject.

If windows mobile devices can run android, ubuntu, and now possibly the HD2 can run WP7 can an android device run windows mobile.

Is coding and licenses stoping those new android devices from running window mobile?
Look at it as if the device was a PC. You can try to install any OS on any hardware, but without drivers none of the hardware will work with it. To build WM6.5 for an old device (ex. Apache) you have to pull the drivers from a working WM build and create a WM6.5 platform with those drivers. This is just a simplified explanation, but it's basically how it works.

Another example:
I had a customer request Vista Ultimate installed on his PC. It wouldn't work because there were no Vista drivers for his old hardware. I ended up taking XP and Win2k drivers and "making them fit". It ran (not well) in the end.
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