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Re: |ROM|~[LEAD ROM]~|6.5||03-20-11|-|6.5.X BETA||11-10-10| [*Sprint*] [*Multi-Carrie

Originally Posted by leadpoizon View Post
Can't really remember, to be honest. You'd have to see for yourself. :P It is a good amount, though.

Works like a charm for me. What did you install, lol?

Haha, there was a reason I told you to use the Sprint version. My ROM does have those tabs built in, but just hidden until you install applications. Good that it works, though.
I switched to the sprint version and it works too but my phone won't reconize my wall charger again the message comes up like when you connect to the pc but don't charge this happened before with an old rom of yours it will charge when usb is plugged in thru the pc and it will charge with the wall charger if i shut the phone down so i might have to hard reset and see if that fixes it. Do you have a task 29 i can run before i flash this rom again? Thanks
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