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Re: [ROM] Project: Teya 1.6.0 [11-Mar-2011]

Other things:
1. I have had really good battery life with 1.6.0. Those having poor batt life, please keep an eye on running programs in ArkSwitch. Please keep me posted your battery life continues to be less than you would expect. Please note: be default, the weather auto download is enabled and backlight is set fairly bright.

just because of issuses with battery with 1.5. I made sure I started out with a full battery ...i charged it up...flashed it let it run all customisations then let it charge again to 100, then reset the phone- plugged it in again; it read 93% so i let it charge back to 100 I repeated this cycle again and then it stayed at 99 this is after over an hour of further charging since it originally said 100%. is this battery memory? are we really ever charging our phones all the way.... battery life is sweet gets me through a day and home to charge thats what I need......and I dont think this has been mentioned but the browsers on the past 3 teya roms have given me the best web experience on a winmo device yet= really quite fast thanks again
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