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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|..`..- Energy -.. * |Mar 8| 21916|29008 * Sense 20

Originally Posted by NRGZ28 View Post
Hmm seems to work fine here ? I'd look at the cabs you install ....
thanks nrg for the reply!!
btw sir my salutations for a super rom
can u advise which cab might be acting up? also would really appreciate your help on deciding which cabs to remove..I install a lot of battery saving cabs and cabs recommended by other PPC geekers and most of them are available on the the end of the day am yet a i take advise and install the cabs in my UC folder.
so here goes :
01.No push internet v2
nue battery 2
02ssk tp2 dynamic resource proxy
04Nrgz disable document indexer
20 Louder phone
Astro Navigator 2
Atom enhanced d3d driver
clean ram
core player 1.3.5
hypnotic 2010 all battery tweaks
ipollesion tp2 colume increase
maxx 134 battery savingreduce polling
mini 5 wm (opera mini)
neos2007 driver pack 3
new maxx complete battery tweaks
shaolin battery saver
resco explorer 8.10
spb mobile shell v3.5.5
spb taveller 2.9.0
spb wireless moniotor
swype 3.9.5032
verizon keyboard fix
wvgafix4 (for changing screen resolution to run astro navigator)
ziggy 471 backup and restore
the others are my email customizations etc

would really appreciate your help on which cabs i can remove from this list..and which cab might be affecting the dialer??
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