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Re: Dust under screen removal

Mine got bad enough that i decided it was time to take my chances. What i did was took the phone apart from the back and worked my way to the screen. there were only about 9 screws and about 4 ribbon cables. i dont remeber exactly but it went smoothly. the only tricky thing i found was the cable that goes from the pressure device to the motherboard. that connector lifts up from the back side unlike most connectors that come up from the front. Once i got it apart i cleaned the lcd and the back of the pressure sensor. You wont be able to get every single spec of dust out unless you are in a clean room but i got all but about 3 specs out of mine. in the end i was very glad i did it. Things went smoothly. The dust seal didnt seem to use anykind of adhesive it was just foam so i dont believe by cleaning it you risk opening it up to more dust in the future. i could be wrong but it has been about 2 weeks since i cleaned mine and i havent had any problems related to it.