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Re: Just downloaded cyanogenmod 7 and I think its stuck; HELP

I believe 4g has been implimented into the nightlies now so hopefulyy rc2 is around the corner. I was going to make the leap from 6.1.2 or whatever to rc1 but after finding out they had 4g work with nightlies i figured id just wait for the next rc. Its just a long process for me considering every new rom for me means I completly wipe and start fresh apps included.

I have been a fan of CM roms since day one of the CM roms for the evo. I have never messed with a nightly I tend to stick with stables and rc's. I always do the research on the current rc though to see how stable it is before making the switch.

One nice thing though is nandroid backup. You can always back up your current setup and try any new rom you want after playing with it you can go right back to your old setup if you like. Only time wasted is time spent with new rom.

Oh and for the above poseter the latest CM6 on the Hero is almost as good as CM6.1.2 on my Evo. My wife has the Hero and the latest CM6 has done worlds better for performance. I know recent CM's have been slow on the Hero especialy the lock screen portion. Thats all been worked out ant that little android fly's now.

Lastly I saw some posts about CM being slow, it has never been slow for me. I always run the rom fresh, I flash it then set it all up fresh. I have never had an slow CM roms. With that not I have never run a nightly but I have run a few RC's.

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