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Re: Splash Screen Shows, but Can't Boot

Originally Posted by mattsm View Post
I wouldn't give up yet. Generally if you can get into bootloader then you are not bricked, but that is NOT always the case.(some will tell you if you can get to bootloader you are not bricked)

I say this because your device is NOT doing the same thing. Maybe some more info in the exit bootloader other than "isn't working" would help.

I was not saying that you have a radio brick issue, just a possibility. Cuz I don't know what all you flashed. Also sometimes when exit bootloader doesn't work, then reflashing the rom again it boots.
But that titan is a dinosaur anyway, lol.
You inspired me to try again. I got out of bootloader by flashing the stock Sprint ROM. The splash screen changed by the HTC Mobility logo, but still nada. The only LED that came on was the top right one which went green and then turned off.
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