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Re: Windows Phone 7 on Touch Pro 2?

Originally Posted by gera229 View Post
Go to program files/wimospeed (If you installed on SD find program files on SD card). Basically you do not really need that link unless you want your phone to overclock on startup. To do that you copy the link and past it in startup folder which is found in windows/startup and paste it there.
Another use that the link does is when you press on it, it instantly overclocks to the speed that you set or 710.
I installed it to the SD card because of the suggestion that if probs, just remove card. I got totally stuck on trying to figure out how to assign a button to that link in CHT2 (it'd be child's play in iphonetoday), so I decided to put it in Win/startup to auto exec it on boot, but then realized that all I had to do was copy that link to Win/Start Menu and it would show up in applications, so I have both now. DUH!!! LOL!

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