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Question Opinion please... ROM noob

After running Sprint stock ROM for 8 months - which was fairly stable once I switched to Titanium - I finally decided to try a custom ROM. Started with Mr X's Sense ROM but didn't quite like the icons and the overall "Gothic" dark color scheme, so I reflashed the latest (or so I think) Mighty ROM (6/20/10/). After a day with this ROM I came to realize that even a custom ROM won't make me like Sense.

So, here's my question... there's tons of ROMs out there and I simply don't have time to try them... what ROM should I stick to if I intend to run Titanium on it ? I.e. what ROM would give me the best overall experience (speed and stability) ? Should I just keep the Migthy ROM and simply run it with Titanium, or is there a better choice ?
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