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Re: [ROM] Project: Teya 1.5.0 [13-Feb-2011]

ROM is and fluid .battery life IS an issue...but i always have a until its fixed Ill stick w/1.5-there is a lot of activesyncing going on in this ROM????????... that will kill batt life for sure especially when im away from pc and there iis nothing 'local' to sync phone drops battery fast but if i reset i can get a lot back maybe its also software/driver related.-active sync need to be killed ...when its running all the time it makes me wonder whats syncing and phone with no activesync went from 15% at bedtime to 11% in the morning -thats awesome battery life so I dont know... does anyone have a way to tell if activesync is synicing to the web for some reason..using data and battery?
Still best rom yet..anyone that tells you otherwise needs to remember a)you do this for free b)the original verizon rom c)you fixed you tube(deserving of some medal for that,its been broken since this phone was unlocked(way over a year)d)what have they done for us lately.e)best rom yet

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