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Originally Posted by sonami
so far so good for me, was a bit of a pain in the ass to set up, much more than previous roms, but after getting ride of the unused tabs and setting the home screens to only 3 without all the friends and whatnot screens, the lag issue are much better. still getting the massive batt drain issue though, this might cause me to go back to 1.4.

few things i cant seem to figure out:

1. i really dont like the new freelink icons (toggle switches, etc) any way to get the old ones in a cab?

2. in teya customizations, every time i try and switch off the quick menu to select wp7 menu i get an error and teya customizations shuts down on me, every time. what this effectively does is, i cannot set my windows softkey to open 'all settings' in the wp7 skin anymore. it just opens up a program list. i have to hit the settings sofkey on the bottom right, then hit the menu softkey then hit all settings in order to get to the settings page that should open up with the windows softkey. pretty annoying actually, and once i get into the all settings page it is in the wp7 skin, kinda weird.

3. the show lock button in cht still doesnt work, with it on it doesnt show the lock button.
can u please explsin in detail how u got rid of the extra home screens? I'm not good wit CHT. i wanna get rid of the friends screen and agenda screen....
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