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Re: HOW to approach reps at the stores

Originally Posted by Sunsparc View Post
My store is the only Sprint S&R store in 20 miles, though we are indirect.

A few tips for would-be customers (mainly personal peeves/advice):

1. Managers will usually side with the technician, since we know what we're talking about. Very rarely will they just give into you with consulting the tech for other possible options.

2. If I say your phone is liquid/physically damaged, it probably is. Don't argue with me about it. I've had training to spot these kinds of things, you haven't. I don't care if you didn't spill anything in it or drop it off of a 4th story balcony. Something happened to it to cause it to do what it is or isn't doing, it didn't magically decide to stop working. Humidity is not an excuse either.

3. The more amicable you are with me, the better I will treat you. I absolutely hate when a customer comes in pissed at the world and then starts in on me. That makes me do the absolute minimum to get you out of the store, survey be damned. Customers with huge tempers can be written off of our CSAT results.

Just my personal things, don't mind me.
You should learn to treat every customer with equal respect as they are the ones who ultimately keep you employed. You have a very condescending attitude towards people. Everyone should treat others nicely , especially when they are the one sustaining you. Remember , customers do not have to buy the product you sell or service . You are dependent upon them, not the other way around. I am sure you have undergone training in the field of phone repairs but to tell people to not argue with you because you say something is so , is fairly silly . You are probably right in MOST instances but I seriously doubt ALL instances. Having owned businesses and working with extremely high profile clients, I know that everyone is better off when you give a bit of respect to the hand that feeds you. Not every customer is going to be happy when something breaks, it's human nature. When you flaunt your Sprint Service technician arrogance( especially here) , it could possibly rub some already unhappy customers the wrong way and make them even more upset or irritated. If you are old enough, you will have heard the phrase " The customer is always right" Well, this may not literally be true, but think about it, there is a reason why that phrase exists.............a happy customer comes back for more because they want to, a pissed off customer tells his friends and family what an A$$ whip it was to deal with people who would not listen to them ....and word of mouth ( and web talk) can bring regimes and rulers alike down. Ask any of the Sprint techs in Egypt.
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