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Re: [ROM] Project: Teya 1.5.0 [13-Feb-2011]

My Excel Sync thoughts are correct. If you make a change on your desktop, the change happens on the phone. If the change is made on the phone, it doesn't appear on the desktop. This can be a problem for me, because most of my edits are made when I am on the road using my phone.

My guess is it has something to do with the internal clocks in the phone?

Edit: I thing my guess is right. The excel files show in explorer, but they don't sync that direction. However, when looking at them in explorer, the edit times shown are 2:33 PM and it is now 9:48 Am where I am at. Both my phone and computer show the proper time. From what I know about syncing, it looks like my desktop doesn't get the new information because when I sync, it doesn't know it happened yet.

Sounds like quantum physics or something. Lol.

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