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[ROMS] X-920 All-In-One (Now with Sense!)

This is the X-920 All-In-One RELEASE 2.0 Test.


Everything (Even the Start Menu)

Put Back In:

Windows Mobile 6.5.21916
WinMo Standard Today, Titanium, TouchWiz UI, Sense UI
Samung DG21 Dynamic Link Libraries
Executables for Samsung Configurations
Camera and Firmware for the i920

Samsung Stock Software
All Original Samsung Applications + jInbox + MobileAP (3G2WiFi)

Add-In Software
Adobe Reader LE 2.5
Advanced Config 3.3
BattClock 3.4.3
Google Maps 4.1
Java Wireless Client 20100813.7.1
JWMD Icon Changer 2.8.2010.929
MyPhone [Latest]
O2Flash 1.1
Skype 3.0
uZardWebP 2.0 [Equivalent to Skyfire w/o the Connection Problems]
xLighWaverx Green Acre Theme - My Personal WinMo, Titanium, TouchWiz (1440x800) Desktop Theme
The X-Menu

Currently Working On:
Landscape BattClock Settings
New BattClock Notification System [Added in SP1, loose-laid until developer gets back to me]
Wifi Routing Support [Added in SP1]
New iReflect Icons [Added in SP1]
New X-Menu Graphics [Added in SP1]
Sense 2.5.2018 Interface [Added in 2.0 Test]

If you would like additional 1440x800 (3 Page) TouchWiz Themes, PM me with the Wallpaper

ROM Information:
This ROM has been built from the ground up, literally. Based on what you select for a UI, decides on how much available RAM you will have. This ROM currently maxes out at about 120MB but then settles between 110 and 100 depending on your UI. This ROM can be used with other Today interfaces if you desire. If you have the knowledge to edit your phone's StartUp Folder, you can even further increase the RAM on this device, but I have included all Stock Samsung i920 Applications and their StartUp prerequisites. This is NOT an OOberLite version. That will be released prior to the X-920 Sense ROM. This ROM is built for the Samsung Enthusiast.

AMDZero - Without you, we'd all be running about like Swedish Chefs.
Wes - Awesome Rom Tool
My GF, for putting up with the Endless Nights of working on these ROMs

X-920 Version 1.0 [x920.21916.DG21.AIO.V1.0.nb0.7z] [01-29-11]
X-920 Version 1.0 SP1 [] 02-04-11
X-920 Version 2.0 Test [x920.21916.DG21.AIO.V2.0.SenseTest.nb0.7z] 02-07-11

See the X-920 @ Modaco.

x920 - Download Now!
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