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Re: |RHODIUM CDMA|.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.- Energy -.¸¸.·´¯ * |Feb 1| 21916|28244 * Sense 20

Originally Posted by mdphoenix View Post
Still going strong with Energy.RHODCDMA.28244.Sense2.5.Cookie.2.0.Feb.01 . No battery issues. No lockups. I'm a bit miffed at the FB Tab, but I'm working through it.

And Bluetooth still does not work. I was mistaken in my earlier comment.
I was having bluetooth issues as well, until I deleted the Settings Explorer "Widcomm*" files backups from previous builds and did a Task29 before reflashing. Works ok now. Maybe something in the bluetooth stack changed...

I've found I always have to use the copy/paste auth code method for FBTab....internal NEVER works properly

Feb.01 28244 Energy build runs great! Sense is noticeably faster, and I've been running WinMoSpeed 1.03 at 748 with no lockups for about 5 days now.

This build is NEARLY perfect IMHO. Battery is sufferring a tiny bit, but that could be due to my overclocking (and LOTS of talking/skype/texting/FaceBook/wifi lately, much more than usual, probably because this thing is actually usable now...)
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